Charles Barman 

Wisconsin Congressional Canidate - District 1

the 'Going Away Party'

My name is Chuck Barman.

I am your independent candidate for Congress from Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. I run as an independent candidate so as not to be beholden to any existing political party. I run for this office because of my deep concern for the direction that our state and country are presently going.

The primary issues that I am concerned about are:

Inflation and the Economy
We must work together to bring our government under sound fiscal management. I pledge to introduce and support legislation which will curtail runaway big government spending and trillion dollar give away programs which ultimately place an undue burden on the taxpayers and the future of our children.
Curtailing inflation will bring energy and grocery prices back to the levels they were 2 years ago.

Crime and Safety
Our ultimate goal is to be safe in our homes and our communities. We must enforce existing laws and support our law enforcement officers and first responders so that they can perform their duties in a lawful manner.

We must promote a traditional curriculum and school policies.
the influence of parents in the educational process and to allow parents to teach their children home values and family morality.
and sound safety programs to insure the security of our children in the school environment.

To protect our national security, we must enforce existing immigration laws and procedures and support our border enforcement personnel. By doing this we ensure the assimilation of legal immigrants into our communities through an orderly process.Farm Community .
We must fully support our farm community - those individuals who provide the food to maintain our families. I will wholeheartedly support and introduce legislation which will provide tariff protection and ensure that our farmers will have all the materials and supplies they need (i.e. fertilizer) to produce the farm products Americans need to survive.

To our veterans who have given so much so that we can enjoy the fruits of liberty and freedom, I pledge my wholehearted support for their protection and well-being.

Finally, my loyalty is to our country, the Constitution, the precious flag, and you, the voters of the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin.

God bless you and your families.
God bless America.

Chuck Barman

Independent Candidate
1st Congressional District

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