Charles Barman 

Wisconsin Congressional Canidate - District 1

the 'Going Away Party'

Let's talk about harassment...

First off, I am a law-abiding and firm supporter of our police, military, and all first responders. These are great people who do great things for people throughout our country. My support stands firm.

I admit, as a farmer and construction worker, I do not have expertise in the legal field. Because of this lack of expertise, I hesitate to use the word harassment even though this was the second incident with law enforcement officers. And, as you can see, during the incidents, officers failed to identify the laws I was breaking which would justify my immediate arrest (his words, not mine).

Here’s a thought, If anyone can shed some light on my “apparent gross infractions” –
• Which law allows them to arrest me for handing out campaign flyers at intersections?
• Do they arrest fire fighters asking for donations at intersections too?
• Why is everything ‘OK’ if I go somewhere else??

I just don’t know -

I’d like to believe that the collection of District #1 Counties believes in, supports, and defends free speech and fair elections, but after these incidents, maybe not…

God bless you and your families.
God bless America.

Chuck Barman

Independent Candidate
1st Congressional District

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