Charles Barman 

Wisconsin Congressional Canidate - District 1

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Thank you for your support...

I’d like to take a moment and thank my supporters for voting for me. Your kindness has humbled me.

Not only hearing from people throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states, but also from New York to California - your concerns for better government and honest representation touched my heart.

I entered this race because I was tired of the ‘same ole, same ole’… Red or Blue, same $h!t, different day… Taxes up, rights are down, here come the censors.

I ran my campaign on a credit card for $3,700  (no $3,455,584 or $782,008 campaign funds in my bank account). I did not buy your vote with fancy dinners, spiffy YouTube videos, or back-room deals. Your votes were intelligent and unspoiled. But that’s not how the political system really works, sorry. Votes are bought and sold faster than a bunch of cheap penny stocks.

Quick heads up…

Yes, there’s only 2 political parties – the ‘Haves’ and the ‘HaveNots’. And be wary my friends, the ‘Haves’ are coming for the rest of your stuff... And while they’re at it, they’ll take your Constitutional Rights, and your Religion to boot. Inflation is rampant, nuclear war is on the horizon, deception and deceit is everywhere. Social scores and surveillance from China, more election fraud in Brazil, starvation in Africa…  Hang on tight, this ride is just starting.

So again, thank you and stay frosty my friends!!

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  'Going Away Party'

Charles Barman, an 8 year farmer residing in Sharon WI, has announced his candidacy for US representative - Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District includes areas of Kenosha, Racine, Rock, Walworth, and Waukesha counties.

As the current owner and operator of Swingbelly farm, Chuck has spent his 8 years raising chickens and pigs while also growing tomatoes and peppers selling his products across the Chicagoland area to over 15 restaurants and farmer-markets.

Before moving Swingbelly farm to Sharon, Chuck resided in Indiana.  Here he was involved in politics and successfully stopped a $1 billion dollar earmark slated for the Chicago/Valparaiso super-train debacle. Yeah, unlike California's 'train to knowwhere', he saved the Indiana taxpayers a boat-load of money.

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Santa's  in the House

Additonally, Chuck spends spends his time portraying Santa Claus at many area-wide Christmas events.  He has appeared in the Macy's Day Parade, at Brookfield Zoo as well as in television commercials and seasonal episodes of Chicago Med.

And yes, he checks the Naughty & Nice list daily...

Working Man of the People

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No silver spoons here...

In addition to farming, Chuck has worked as a construction superintendent in Chicago managing renovation and construction projects surpassing $500 milllion.

Currently Chuck is supervising a multi-million dollar construction project for a giant, country-wide retail operation right here in Wisconsin.

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Political Position

In short, Chuck brings you real-life experience, know-how, intelligence, and the ability to get the job done.

Let's talk...

Let's talk politics.  Let's talk about the giant heaping mounds of stank, political horse$hit ruining this country.

Look around, it's everywhere...

Yes, I'm talking about the total failure of our current politicians - Democrats & Republicans.  It's pathetic.

Let's start here:

Don't get me started about the midnight flights of illegal immigrants landing in our cities and military bases or the invasion across our borders.  Let's not forget about the psychotic, transvestites they want in all the public shools corrupting your kids with 'men can have babies.' 

Ask yourself...

  • How much more of this crap are you gonna take?
  • How much more of your life are you gonna let them ruin?
  • Don't you want better?
  • Don't you want better for your friends and family?

It's time...

It's time to stand up and fight.

  • Fight for your God given rights!
  • Fight for your family and friends! 
  • Fight for your country and constitution! 
  • Fight for truth!
  • Fight for what's simply right!

Let's work together

Save our Children

Protect them and teach them - God, family, country, truth and honor.  They are our future.  

Selectors with Classes and IDs

Save our Farmers

Food is rather important.  Farmers provide for the greater good and should be treated with the respect they deserve.  Let's free them from taxes altogether.  Let's assist them financially and  educationally with increased resources and support.

Reuse Existing Components

Save our Heros

Our 1st responders are our real heros.  They risk their lives daily to protect you and me from a crap-load of bad stuff.  Fires, floods, invasions, robbers, and hoodlums - they are there to serve and protect under our Constitution.  They earn our respect every day.

Selectors with Classes and IDs

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My favorite president!

Side Notes

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Vote Barman 

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Help Santa save the USA...